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Jun 26, 2008
I was wondering if anybody out there had the floor measurements for a 72' FJ40. I had the frame and the cowl but the back end was cut up. i am making a floor out of diamondplate and need to see if anybody could measure their 40? I am looking for all of the important measurements.
- rocker to rocker, and front floorboard to where it angles up under the seats.
- drop from rear to front
- rear well to rear well, and back door to where it drops behind the seat.
If anybody can help, THANKS!!!

Apr 2, 2008
Victoria, BC
Width from inside of wheel well to inside of wheel well 41"... height at rear 15". In the last couple of days there were some "side" dimensions of a 40 posted. I built a similar floor in 1992... so I don't have percise dimensions... PM me if no one else steps up.
If you're going to wheel it hard you may wish to consider making the wheel wells wider and the rear floor a little narower. Ie 39" wide rather than the 41". To reduce the tire scuffing on the inner wheel wells.:cheers:

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