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Feb 16, 2005
Spokane, WA
Since I never really finished my floor when I did the sound deadening in my 62, I'm going to pull the carpet, get all that tar s*** out (hopefully dry ice will make it brittle enough to get most of it) and lay down some good sound deadener and carpet padding the correct way.

While that's being done I'm going to take a crack at pulling apart my carpet (it's sewn, not stitched) and making up a new pattern so I can cut and sew a new front carpet from marine grade stuff and scotch guard it and the whole schmear before installation. I'm hoping I can rent a strong enough sewing machine that'll stitch through it and also stitch an edge onto it as well.

This will be an experiment, but wish me luck because if it goes the way I'm hoping it will, I'll have a nice quiet interior and new, clean carpet up front.

Also open to any suggestions or tips that might help, of course.
Aug 2, 2004
San Francisco Bay Area
I bought a carpet kit and was planning on installing it myself but quickly realized how difficult it was to get the new carpet installed and trim it to make it look right.

I painted the floor and added some sounds deadener myself. Then took it to a carpet shop and let them install the carpet. They used a real thick padding and air gun to spray glue everywhere and he made it look great.

Good luck.

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