Floor board plub location on '96

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May 18, 2011
I have a '96 Cruiser and am getting that pain in the $#@ water in my driver side floor board. I'm going to try to clean out the drains in my sun roof this weekend, but was wondering where is the exact location of the plugs on the floor? Any pictures? Thanks in advance.
Just pull your sill trim- move carpet and plastic harness sheath- should be swimming by now - and pull the plug(s) underneath
There are plugs visible up under rockers- easier to see without run bds or undercoat- make sure you can thread a lil zip tie between the rocker pinch welts so that they are draining
Why do these things have leak probs anyway??- I have a 26 year old fJ60 that has never leaked- no wind noise, no water- original seals - except for windshield when i replaced glass 9 or so years ago. Owning everystyle of LC imaginable- the 90's to the Toyota truck mkt was not unlike the 80's to the music scene- some steps backward
My sun roof drains needed cleaning and yes I cleaned out my rockers. That did the trick for me. The water was leaking into the back DS floor board as well.

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