Flex shot and new Hanna sliders are on!

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Jun 13, 2004
Sacramento Ca.
Well, a big Thanks to Jeff in Sac who sold me his Hanna Sliders! Damn, those things are sweat!! They went on like a champ and are stout as all heck. I took out the beast today in some dried up river bed. Fun stuff. Here are a few shots of the rig and the tiny suzuki sami that was with me (that thing can champ it out!).

Oh yes, there are a few poser flex shots while perched on a hill of dirt:)

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here are a few more.

Oh ya, my dash looks like a damn christmas tree with all those damn lights lit up all the time. :crybaby:
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Ok, two more just for the hell of it. I am still impressed on how much this beast will flex when it needs to!
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That's one good looking rig!


Nice Rig!

I still can't decide if i should go black with the wheels, looks good on your truck though.
Sweet truck :grinpimp: Looks awesome nicely built
Very nice :D

You need to give your paint a little TLC though and put some acrylic on it. Mine used to look like that... it ain't necessary mi amigo!
o man, things look great. I really need to get that lift on my 80 as well as some more bumper action in the front and rear!!! Looks great!
Mine has always been that way too?

I wasnt sure if mine was to high but it seems to be alright. I cant complain with the miles and tons of driving I do in it. Its a champ I must say!

Glad to hear someone else though has high pressure as well.:beer:
I will get flamed but I have run 20w50 valvoline durablend since I have owned mine and I peg the needle a lot. I am at 231K and have had it since 140ish. I have a slight valve cover seepage which I am taking care of next week but never another seal or repair.
Nice rig...Sorry to throw a question at you but did you fab that A/C dryer skid or is it a TJM add on?
Nice rig...Sorry to throw a question at you but did you fab that A/C dryer skid or is it a TJM add on?

Its all good about the questions, ask away. As for the A/C skid plate, well, it came with it. Alvaro kicked down the front bumper and the skid plate came with it. I had to do a bit of tweaking but in the end, I drilled some holes through the bumper and bolted the skid plate on. Works like a champ I must say!:beer:
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My paint is starting to look like this too...can you explain?? Acrylic?

My paint was looking ok before today, but, its a beast and I actually dont care if it gets some scratches and whatnot. But, a little wax/cleaner and I know the beast will shine up nice and pretty!:)

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