FLCA Annual Meet

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Apr 14, 2005
Everywhere in Polk County!
This may be an old topic before I even post, but as far as I know Dixon and Son's are searching for an annual meet spot somewhere. The goal was to be in Central FL (for once!), and i tried valiantly, but failed in securing some land. People round here in Polk County just wouldn't budge.
Maybe this thought crossed your minds long ago, but does anyone know of any person that would allow maybe a "one-time-ride" on some land of there's? Surely this is all of our goals, to find local play areas, but thought i would post. Maybe it's the obvious topic no one's had a revelation about yet.
Anyhow, was hoping (still am) for a local Meet for the annual. If anyone already knows of plans for the Annual, please inform me so i don't look so stupid next time.


Chuck D! thought they were 35s...sorry for the "misrepresentation." Did ya like the commentary on our ocala trip?! lol
I got an e-mail this weekend from Jerry. annual meet is at perry, I think in March... will double check and get back to you.

appreciate the info man...i was wondering if they'd hold it in Inverness again this year. liked that location, just not the most room to roam. perry's pretty good drive for me, have to save $ for gas.
I don't think Perry is going to be the annual...just a weekend trail ride.

Better check on that.

Doh! I didn't mean to say that you were wrong! Sorry Al!

I think Jerry and JD are still looking for something a little further south so the S. Fla boys can participate without a 5-hour drive. I haven't heard anything yet though.

At any rate, I'm planning on going to Perry - with the FJ40 if I can get to working on it.

You coming?

I am, if you are buddy. Mostly mud eh? any huge logs to play on there?

You gonna camp on the trails or at camp during GSMTR? Oh and dude getting the 80 painted brown like a 60 series after I get done preping it :)
When I was there a few years back it was very wet and they had just cut a lot of trees out of there. There were stumps very low to the ground that were buried in mud. I managed to get my front diff planted right between 2 stumps and was stuck - that's when we had 4 or 5 Cruisers all stuck at the same time.

I don't really remember any logs, but there was also standing water and some dirt roads too. We pretty much have permission to do anything on the property as long as we leave the pine trees alone. I think a lot will depend on how much rain we have had. When I was there it was in the summer and the mosquitos were very bad too. I think it will be much nicer in March with cooler temps and no mosquitos!

Camping is absolutely primative - no services or facilities whatsoever.

GSMTR - I'm going up with the Dixons this year and will stay in the main camp (camping with Jim and Bill on the river was GREAT though).
Eric is correct: the Perry Ride is not the FLCA Annual Event,
we're still looken for something central....

A friend and I are gonna do a day trip of Corbett (doubt it's worth a haul for non-locals)

We're also thinking of looking into Three Lakes...it's big (bigger than Richloam) but
doesn't seem to have many trails ( like Rich...)

I'll let ya know what we find . . .
What kind of dates are being discussed for the Annual?

soggy60 said:
Eric is correct: the Perry Ride is not the FLCA Annual Event,
we're still looken for something central.....
hey bruiser, yeah man, that was a great trail write up! :D Soggy, last time I was at three lakes we tooled around a bit and may have been a splash of mud.. it didn't strike me as a real wheeling place. Mostly nice forest trails.
Crossmeister: Not sure if we've fixed on an Annual Event Date....probably tied to "can we find a place"

ChuckD : from what I've seen of 3 Lks; as you said...long scenic trails...not much challange....looks like it could be a seasonal type challange: muddy in wet season- dry the rest of the time
Can't find trails...let's create 'em!

If you got permission to ride, I can haul a bulldozer or tractor out local (if funds are available!!!) to help create some trails!!! I''ve seen some awesome spots made outta nothing with a bobcat and a weekend's time...that's bout the polk county method. land owners may be opposed though...check it out, i can haul whatever whereever and got means to acquire the equipment through my biz.
"...I'm dreaming, of central florida wheelin. Just like the one we used to have."
Alright, now I got it

I worked out the bugs in my pic posting I think...that's Rich's 85 4runner, stock solid front axle, 1st year with EFI stuck...eric and luis watching in jest.




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sorry yall!

apologize for the mess of posts...if this don't work, i'm going to flip.


too cool. I was sooo tired that trip. Me and Jer stayed up til 1 am putting the clutch in my truck the night before to make that trip.
Al, ya know what color would be great for the 80... that baby-poop mustardy color... whats it called... oh yeah, velvetta! :flipoff2: :D
bruiser, I got the answer to our wheeling woes. Can you get some equipment to burrow subterranian? lets make a freaky underworld wheeling cave. like in the Goonies!
....off to okeechobee mudfest!!!! :beer:

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