Flagpole Knob trip

Oct 4, 2018
Took a trip up to Flagpole knob with my daughter this weekend 3/10-3/11. Slept in the back of the car at the top. Trail was a blast. Lots of fun with the snow melt plus the morning's rain making for some very slick and muddy conditions without too much ice. The height control was great allowing me to stay in high mode for most of the trip, but drop into normal and low to avoid overhanging tree limbs in some spots to minimize trail rash. Used all the suspension settings, mostly sport, but went into comfort setting a lot for the rocky patches. If we had taken our 4Runner with the OME lift my teeth would be chipped and back would be sore. Went up the more difficult path on Union Springs Road and came out Forest Road 85 to the west. Very windy at the top. Also rescued a guy and his family who were trying to go thru in a Ford Escape, they didn't get far. Was able to pull them out of the mud and they headed back. Saw 11 other vehicles while we were up there besides the Ford, they were all Jeep Wranglers. One guy stopped, looked at me funny and told me to be careful as it was slick and rocky. Couldn't tell if he knew what I was driving or not, but I just said okay thanks and went on my way.

Short video of some highlights.



Self-censoring my mud posts...
Oct 8, 2013
That will be a great memory for your daughter, right there!

@45 seconds..."BUMP IT!"
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