For Sale FL: UZJ100 Engine Cover

Jun 1, 2015
St. Petersburg, FL
$100+ shipping to you. I can get it boxed up and get it out. Decent shape, needs a good cleaning.

Nov 4, 2007
Yes he did mess with the wrong guy.. He'd be best to sell is Toyota's and get into a VW.

I'm the nicest most helpful person I can be. But I do have a dark-side. Which comes out when I'm messed with or burned. I gave the POS every opportunity to make it right. That offer is now off the table.:mad: He didn't use his home address on shipping label. But was dumb enough to use the dock he spend most time at. Which I've firends keeping eye out for him.

I don't take getting burn by anyone. It not that it was much money. Doesn't really matter to me if million dollars or one cent, for property, love or life. It's the point of some POS thinking he can go through life F--king people over whenever given a chance. Beings a mud forum member, I trusted him. I gave him the opportunity to burn me. That's my bad! But I warned him "I never let go once I sink my teeth in". What is right is right!

He was warned.

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