[FL] 4" MAF new shackles, bib hinge, headlights.

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Nov 15, 2008
Tampa, FL
United States
I have a few parts that I have left over after some recent work on my 81' 40.

New, Man-a-fre Extreme anti-inversion shackles, greasable pins, 4in (4.4" from pin to pin). This gives about 2.5" lift to a standard FJ40 suspension, can be used over or under spring. I bought them with plans to install, but my new house has low ceiling for storage of my 40 so it won't fit with any more lift. Pins are large 18mm. Does not include hanger pin/hardware which is sold separately on MAF site. http://www.man-a-fre.com/pa3/MAFShackleandSpringPinKits.htm. List for these about $195. I'll take $100 from a mudder. If no interest it is going on Ebay in a week or two.

Two used standard beam halogen headlights. I upgraded to HI beams. Standard three prong connection. $10 plus shipping.

Used bib-hinge that I powder coated black but didn't use. Looks new. Has a small chip in powder coat as shown in pic. $20, (cost me that much to powder coat it)

Can email me at cliffrdavis@yahoo.com, I'll respond back quickly. Prices do not include shipping. Shackles might cost $10 to ship since they are heavy.

photo (15).JPG
photo (16).JPG
photo (17).jpg
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I found my bib hinge in my parts stash. I am going to pass on it. Thanks.

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Your box is full. U responded to me but i cant respond back. I want the shackles.
Ok, did you check the fit for '78?
I want them for my 45 which uses 15mm in the front and 18mm in the rear. Should be the same. Sent you an email.
Shackles sold, bib hinge and headlights going on Ebay. Thanks

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