FJZ80 New Brakes Cost?

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Jul 17, 2016
Portland, OR / SW WA
Hi, all! I think my rig needs new brakes. They've been a little squeaky when I go to stop, and I also think they're starting to put out that smell. What do you think is the least I can expect to pay for all new brakes? I have a '94 LC. Thanks!
If you're going to Schwab, I think you'll just be getting what they sell. You may have a choice between their "regular" and "premium" pads, but I'm guessing that will be your only options.

But before you do anything, you may want to pull a tire or two and see if you are even in need of brakes. Squeaking isn't necessarily a sign that you need brakes.
Just replaced my front pads. Running 100 series pads. MSRP for OEM is around $77. A smart shopper will get them for around $60. God I miss CDAN!
If you have some mechanical knowledge, a service manual, Haynes will do, you can do it yourself. Labor is what will kill you. Can be done in one afternoon.
Thanks, all! i'm not sure what I need, exactly. I'm not even sure if I need new brakes or brake pads. I am going to head into Schwab tomorrow for a free brake inspection. The brake smell and squeaky brakes while braking are suspect to me. So I figured better have 'em looked at. I just got my current LC back in May, so I'm not sure how the brakes are.

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