fjbj40 upgrades

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Jun 26, 2004
east coast Canada
So I just parted a 84 bj60. I have a 74 fj/bj40 with a B in it. I was thinking of adding the power steering from the 60 along with the disk brakes onto the 40. I am also planning to add the spare h55f/xfer that is laying around:p.

The understanding I have got is the mods are relativily easy...except the h55f. It is my understanding that the cross brace on the 40 frame is in the way. I was thinking of just moving it back or fabing another from sched 80 weld ells and pipe. Is it possible to make the brace go UNDER the xfer instead of the top? I also saw in one of Posers threads that he put the parkbrake from the early model 40 onto the tranny instead of going with a rear axle park brake as in the 79 and up 40.

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