For Sale FJ80 Ultimate Roof Rack Custom Extruded Aluminum SoCal

Sep 9, 2010
This is the nicest rack I have seen or used. It is custom built for an 80 roof and is approx. 6' x 4'. All aluminum with mostly stainless fasteners, so it has no paint to chip off and it can't ever rust. Has lights on the front that I never wired up since I usually just used the fairing and did not drive trails at night. I also have custom solar panels that fit into the place of one of the coop floors. The wires from the solar panels have come loose and would have to be fixed. I can't guarantee that they still work, but will throw them in to the deal. The rack is custom built from 8020 aluminum extrusion so it is customizable and can be broken down and modified as much as you want. Floor is the plastic chicken coop material and is very sturdy. Kids liked to bring chairs up there to watch fireworks, etc. 2 sleeping pads fit nicely as well. Rack sits just barely above the original lower rack rails, so they can help support heavy loads if needed. The sunroof is operable with the rack in place. The outer original rails need to be removed for installation of this rack. I also have some extra stainless hardware that I will include. I can load this on to the roof by myself by sliding it up from the rear. $1,200 picked up in Irvine, CA.

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