FJ80 TRE to center steering arm

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Nov 9, 2007
Newfoundland, Canada
Hi guys, did a search and found a few answers i was looking for but still need a couple of things.
Here's what I am in the process of doing: I am installing mini truck knuckles with a Trail Gear hi steer kit that has FJ80 TRE's. I KNOW that I have to chop the drag link a bit to fit the 40 and then I have to re-tap the RH thread end with a M23x1.5 tap for the FJ80 TRE, that's shouldn't be a problem.

Here's where it gets a bit tangly:
So now all I have to do is bolt my FJ80 TRE to the center arm....I will be going Saginaw in the fall when i have more cash and parts gathered up but I want to keep the manual steering for now so I can drive it.
So in order to bolt the TRE to the center arm I know that I am going to have to drill and ream the center arm where the TRE bolts up.

My biggest question is what size of drill bit and reamer do I use and where the heck would I find the right size reamer?

I doubt any of the machine shops around here will have the right size. If the reamer is the same size as the Chev 1 Ton I have a friend with one but I doubt it's the same. As far as I know the FJ80 TRE is 23mm with a 1:10 metric taper.
My other option is to use my friends 1 Ton chev reamer, tap the end of my drag link to accept a chev 1 ton rod end, and ream the center arm for the chev 1 ton TRE and go that route. I'd much rather keep everything Toyota though!
Any thoughts!?
Seems like if you have access to the Chevy stuff then use the Chevy on one end, you will likely need to redo the end of the drag link anyway when you go Saginaw. Can you use the Chevy end with the Sag box? you won't be keeping with Toyota when you go Sag steering anyway.
Thanks Bret, I think that's gonna be my easiest option ......especially when I already have access to a chev size reamer and tap. I can live with having a chev TRE on one end! I just have to make sure the Trail Gear drag link can accept the right size tap, then I should be good to go!
Grab some calipers and see if that chevy reamer will approximate the 80 series TRE. If it does ream away away and fine tune with a dremel. It has been done before by hand, just takes a while.

Or you could beg a landcruiser shop to ream it for you.....budbuilt, 4x4 labs, etc.

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