FJ80 Sliders

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Sep 25, 2003
Any of you out there running sliders on your FJ80... where did yours come from, or did you fab some yourself? The only ones I have really come across are the ones offered by sleeoffroad which look great but the price is a little beyond me right now. Does anyone else sell them?
Yep looks like I'll be forkin up some money... thanks alot for the info!
I know this topic has been discussed an infinitum, suggest searching through old posts on it? Without sparking the great debate between weld-on vs bolt-on, here are your 3 options, as I see it.

1. Buy some cheap, weak, pretty but not tough "nerf bars." They won't hold up on the trail, but do serve as nice steps in the city. Get those from performanceproducts, maybe 4wheelparts, perhaps JC Whitney? And if all you need is a step, find someone with sliders, I'm sure they'll come cheap.

2. Decide for yourself that a weld-on approach to sliders is a good thing. Then look at folks like or or many others like them, perhaps consider the diy approach.

3. Finally, decide that bolt-on is better, and so is quality, performance, and being able to smack a rock and still open your doors. Then realize there's probably no substitute for the ones at and start saving your pennies.

hth a little, good luck!
Beowulf sports a custom set that cost him pretty good. I run Hanna's. Slee's are very nice as well. One difference between Hanna and Slee is the starting point of the main bar. Hanna's start right behind the front mud flap. Slee's are further forward. Slee offers better protection right behind the tire but the flaps have to be cut if you want to run them.
Thanks alot for the info... very helpful
My custom sliders are based on George's plans. Do a search for prior posts for my opinion on which option to take and why.

Wrench also built his and based them on George's basic design. He chose to weld his to the frame. Based on some photos I've seen of his undercarriage, I'm not sure if that was a good idea or not. ;)


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