FJ80 shifter vs FJ62 shifter Interchangeability

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Dec 2, 2004
Athol, MA
Would a shifter off an early FJ80 with the A440 transmission bolt right up to the same transmission and transfer case in a late model 62 series with the same A440?

Looking to use the drive-train of a 62 series in my FZJ79 build-up but don't like the looks of the 62 shifter. The FJ80 series, IMHO, shifter looks much more refined. I'm thinking same transmission and transfer case so there shouldn't be a difference or am I wrong in this assumption?
The 80 series A440F transmission housing has a different shifter mount than the 60 series. I am sure you can rig something up to work if you really have to. Gary made it work in a 40 series cab.
Ok, it has a different shifter mount, but is the transmission housing the same configuration? If I could source the entire shifter mount would it bolt to the 62 series A440?
No. the transmission housing is different. The casting of the mount on the housing is different. Sorry for the confusion.
So much for that idea then.

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