Wanted FJ80 rear coils

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Jul 30, 2013
United States
I need a set of fj80 rear coils to lift my 2nd gen 4runner if you have any or know where to get a set I'd appreciate it thanks
I think you want the 80 series front coils to put on the back of your 4 runner.
I have front and back but think front is what you want . I'll take $ 75.00 shipped


Front works on 3rd gen 4runners. 2nd gen uses rear springs. Insane can I get pictures of your back springs
I have some. 9 wraps available - $50 plus shipping.
I have a set of LX450 rear coils. I used the LX450 coils on my 3rd gen 4Runner before getting the LX in the stall. All the benefits of the 80 series coils, but seemed to flex a little better due to slightly lower spring rate. Same deal here:


Located in Western Colorado
I can't use the ones for a 3rd gen thanks though I have a few offers to choose from so far

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