For Sale FJ80 Radiator, water pump, fan clutch

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FJ80 Collector
Apr 25, 2011
Near Pasadena CA
United States
Southern California
From a 1994 FJ80 Landcruiser. No leaks, these are trail spares for our expedition vehicles that we have doubles of now.

Radiator - plastic with aluminum, like stock $60 (car had auto trans). SOLD
Water pump - $20 SOLD
Fan Clutch (not blue) $20 SOLD

The above parts are fresh out of a car we stripped for other parts we needed.

I also have bumper mounting brackets, some flares, a running board, rear bumper parts mud flaps, not much else.

Paypal ok and will ship smaller parts that fit in priority mail flat rate boxes. I am in zip code 91780.

No shipping on the radiator - it adds too much to the price. I will ship the water pump and or fan clutch in USPS priority flat rate boxes - around $12 each.
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I will take the fan clutch if it is the (oem black AISIN)
you have PM.
Fan clutch and Water Pump Sold last night.
Radiator does not leak, not cracked, etc. It is from a 1994. I have learned that it also fits 1995 and 1996, but I don't know yet about 1997 or other years. Any online parts place can answer that for you.

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