FJ80 radiator, near new (Loomis, CA)

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Nov 22, 2003
Loomis, CA
only used a couple of months, all metal.$125. I don't really want to ship as I don't know how I could package it safely.
Thanks, Jeff 916-660-2432 or
My concern is it gets banged up in shipping and we are both out! I will see what I can do.
I have the 3fe and a 1fz radiator for sale now!
what is the scoop on the 1fz rad? Toyota brand? condition? Price? I need one soon.
bike boxes work for shipping, pm me details on the FZ radiator
FJ80 is All aluminum? what brand?

I want it. But I'm in Auburn, AL. I'll pay shipping.
Shipping a radiator is no big deal, make sure the nipples are padded heavily, because they can bend...

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