FJ80 non-air bag steering wheel on an early 40 series shaft?

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Aug 9, 2007
Reading, MA
Has anyone does this recently? I found a very old thread from 2004 but only one picture shows up and it's a 60 series wheel.

I'd like to see some pictures and hear how the horn and blinker mods are done on the early steering column. I'd also like to know if the wheel is a direct fit on the one piece shaft.
Fj 80 wheel

Southboston, for life of me I can't what my s/wheel came off of , but if you send me your e-mail address, will send you a pick of mine, I have a 75 fj40, been on their 10 years, I think it came off a 93 to 95 cruiser ? John in Maxton,N.C. my e-mail
Try this one Alex:

Some searcher you are :), I knew I had seen this swap recently, I used google and found the thread, didn't readily come up on the Mud search.

Looks like a neat swap. I'm not sure on the early shaft though. Maybe someone will chime in, if a later model 40 wheel will fit on the early shaft, I bet the 80 wheel would too. I know the wheel on my 60 series will swap right over to my 73 40. Seems the splines were the same for a long time.

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