FJ80 Longfield v. FJ40-60 Longfiled (1 Viewer)

Feb 2, 2004
I just ordered 30 spline Longfields for my 80 axles and my friends 60 axles. I pulled both out of the box and was kind of surprised to see the difference in the design of the body. I know that the majority of the strength from Longfield's joints comes from heat treating. but how much is do to the shape? The FJ60 Longfields look like they were started from the ground up, while the 80's look a little less purpose built. Maybe I am over thinking this, is the 80's design simply do to a different knuckle shape? What do you think?

I have some photos, but they are huge and I don't have the software to resize them. If you are interesed take a look at the bottom of my page.


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