FJ80 locker in FJ60?

Feb 26, 2003
I've found some stuff about putting an FJ80 rear differential w/locker into older LCs. Would there be any complications involved in putting one in the front of my '84 60? I'd like to find a wrecked 80 and get the third member real cheap - is that all I would need to get from the donor vehicle? Also, what gears did the 80s come with from the factory?



Dec 22, 2002
Wandering the Wild West
I've recently started on this mod myself, but only after researching it and gathering info for almost a year now. The locker from an 80 series REAR will fit into all older model LCs fronts, but to put it in the rear of an older model LC, you need a Full Float rear axle assembly (the front of all LC's is already full float). Also, you will need a new axle shaft for whichever end you are putting it in. You stated the front, so you will need a long side (aka drivers side), inner, long splined axle shaft--this is key--the locker requires a longer spline on the end of the axle. I haven't put mine in yet so I can't say I know specifically why, but just know this--you need it. Supposedly you can buy them new from dealers, but after a few days calling a bunch of different dealers, I could not get it. (If you were putting the rear e-locker from an 80 into a full float rear axle, you would need a short side (aka passenger side), long splined axle shaft.)

There are only a few people who have done this mod as of yet, and they have a few recommended things to do when installing. Search the archives of the LCML at or email me and I can give ya a bit more info.

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