FJ80 Fan Clutch and electric fan questions

Aug 19, 2022
I just had the AC fixed on my FJ80 and the AC shop is telling me my fan clutch is bad. I had just installed a new one 2 days per them telling me the original was also bad.
Their input was it was not pulling air when the engine was warm. I checked it after driving it home 20 miles at 100 degrees heat. It seemed to be pulling air and engine temp was normal. I comparted the old fan clutch resistance with the replacement and really can not tell much difference (cold or warm). I've had overheating issue when pulling an extended grade while off roading (3300ft in 8 miles for example).
So, contemplating adding an electric fan and the possibly getting a higher volume fan clutch (does that exist?).
If you have installed an electric fan, who did you get it from {make and model please). Ditto for the fan clutch.
Words of wisdom please from peeps who have fought this battle with a FJ80.

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