FJ80 driver and passenger speakers

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Oct 25, 2005
Cave Creek AZ
My speakers in my FJ80 are completely blown. I've been told that they are shallow, and normal speakers will not fit. Does anyone have any suggestions for where to get speakers that will fit?:confused:
I popped off the speaker covers after taking off the door panels and just mounted them onto the door panels.

Most people just used spacers, but from what I did, I was still able to glue on and use the factory speaker covers no problem.

The back ones are a tad bit trickier, since you have to drill new holes, and if you don't use spacers, your windows will hit them when you roll them down.

I know this because mine still do that.

I got the shallowest speakers Best Buy had, but they were still too deep. They are Pioneers, I don't know the model numbers, 5 and 1/4 and 4 and 1/2 inches each.

Just look for Pioneer speakers in boxes a lot thinner than the other speakers for sale.

Plus they sound killer.
Thanks, eventually i will replace all of the speakers (which are all blown). So how much did the pioneers end up costing in the end?
How much did the job end up costing?
Unfortunately I couldn't find shallow speakers. Well, frankly speaking I didn't have the time to look for them. My speakers were all purring and buzzing whenever there was a bass tone. I took a closer look and it turned out that part of the speaker suspension unglued from the frame. Not the black rubbers on the membrane, but the orange material close to the magnet. So I glued this thing back and they sound like new. For now I don't have to look for speakers. Maybe if some of you are DIY guys, this could be a solution.
Cool, I found it on ebay, their $25.00, and they're brand new, thanks.
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I should just tell you to search, but Im a nice guy.

Ya, I put the sony speakers in the other day and they sound very nice. As far as doing the mod....I purchased a panel removal tool ($5), some wire connectors, rubber spacers, and foam weather strip. I put the foam on the back of the magnet and door panel to help prevent unwanted vibrations.

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