Wanted FJ80 4" Paper Cone Speaker (1 Viewer)

Dec 11, 2012
When I bought my '80, the rear driver side 4" paper cone speaker was missing. I thought about installing a pair of aftermarket speakers, but I wanted to keep my truck stock, nor did I want to hack the plastic speaker retainer for fitment sake.

If you have a stock rear speaker, or set (with or without plastic retainers), let me know! We can figure out a price, with shipping of course, and I also have exterior chrome trim, fender flares and more for trade if need be to sweeten the deal. Thanks in advance! :)
Jan 13, 2005
Boise ID
I have a set of speakers for the rear doors. They are yours for the price of shipping. I haven't heard them through a radio so I can't speak of their condition though. Let me know.

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