FJ80 2nd Row Plastic Rear Steps (Grey)

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Dec 27, 2006
The Land of Frank Rizzo
For sale is one complete set of plastic steps for the second row steps in the FJ80 LC. They are for a grey interior, and 2 steps and the 4 mounting tabs are included. They are in good/excellent condition and are not cracked.

Price is $25 for the set plus $4.99 for shipping to the lower 48.

If you have any questions send me a PM.

Can you send me a pic of the mounting tabs? I need some and don't even know what I am looking for.

The are basically plastic posts that go straight down throught the step and slide on to steel posts that come from the floor and those plastic taps along with those metal posts keep the steps from sliding around.
Where can I get some?? How long are they?? If I can see them I might be able to find something like it at my dads shop.

Thanks, Chris
You probably can call Dan and get those from him. I don't think that they are very expensive. It's worth a call.

New Price on steps with mounting tabs - $20 plus $4.99 for shipping to the lower 48.
Bump...Bump...I'll throw in some door panels for an additional $20, they will be tan/leather.

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