FJ70 TRE's upgrade on J40 ?

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Jul 20, 2014
Costa Rica & Texas
I have done a J60 front knuckle swap on my BJ40 to upgrade to front disc and stronger birfs. Given that the knuckle arms can accommodate J60/J70 tre i might as well have a custom relay arm and tie rod made.

My question is:

Should i just consider the FJ80 tre's instead of the 60/70? Has anyone done either and if so can you geve me the lengths of the drag link and tie rod?

It appears the drag link ends are different lengths for both the 60 and 70 series with the 60 being longer (damper drag link end)

The Drag Link would be different lengths depending on if I went with 60 or 70 TRE??

So is it just more simple and better to go with 80 TRE's?

I have a 4" lift running 35x10.5 tires so beefed up steering is needed as my oem tie rod has seen better days


TRE69075 (1).jpg
I will have budbuilt tie rod arm and relay arm fabricate me a set. I am just trying to get the length and if I should do 80, 70 or 60 tre
Any opinions, specs and suggestions welcomed

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