FJ62 wont run all the time :(

Jul 14, 2003
Hopewell NJ 08525
The boss has a12/88 fj 62 with just over 200K and its got a great problem with flooding out
It happens only when hot and it will be running fine then lose throttle response and bog down then just stall out . You can smell the raw gas when cranking. I discoed the cold injector thinking it was the problem but still did the same just cranked and cranked . It has good spark . I found that if I discoed the fuel pump relay under the right kick panel I can get it to start and run on the fuel in the rail then it will die . if I plug the relay back in it will try to flood out and I have to keep plugging it in and out so it will still run till the point where it clears up then runs fine . I know someone can point me to the light as this is one big PITA
Thanks ahead of time
Jun 13, 2003
Have you run the error codes? There is a fuel pressure regulator on the firewall side of the fuel rail. Fuel line comes around the back of the head and goes in to it. If it works correctly you will hear rapid clicking as it opens and closes.

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