FJ62 Winshield Replacement

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Nov 16, 2006
Started a thread in the 60s section but wanted ask the local folks if anyone could recommend a person/shop to do a windshield replacement on my 62 (looking for anyone who has had a good experience with a 60/62 windshield replacement).

- Should i go with new glass or old glass (edwin has one for me and i'm more willing to use that one since i know it wont have fit issues)
- Anybody have problems with the chrome moulding? I have already had 2 windshield guys deny work becuase they refuse to mess with the chrome moulding. I want to use an OEM gasket but the only toyota still makes requires the use of the chrome strip.

Help please!
Have you tried asking any of the Toyota dealerships for info on who they use? Or maybe try asking Jeff Bearden?
Benswanger in Plano did mine, very pleased with the work. Mike

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