FJ62 Wide Track Factory Chrome Rims

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Hi Chris,

I sent you an email on these just now. If no one is line before me, I'd like to drive out and pick these up from you.

Rim details

Full disclosure... the truck data plate says 15X6-JJ rims. But... my best efforts at measuring makes me think these are 15X7. I don't have a rim caliper - does anyone have a good trick for measuring these?

Back spacing - the inner tire bead seal is 2.5" back from the lug/hub mounting surface. The truck was fitted with Toyota fender flares around the wheel wells because the outer edge of the tire tread protrudes beyond the metal body fenders.

I'm sure somebody out there knows better than I, but this whole set-up may hace been a dealer installed option (?)

Anyway, here are the photos.
Look like stock 15x6 rims to me
I could be wrong, but those are not factory FJ62 US model wheels, Toyota yes. But not FJ62.

Next in line.
Chase says he's coming out this weekend to pick-up. If they're still here Monday, I'll go to the next person on the list.

Interesting commentary on the origin of the rims - thanks for the posts!

Chase picked up the wheels this morning. Thanks for everybody's interest!

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