FJ62 Vaccum Solenoids

May 19, 2003
???My vac solenoids are shot and the only way to engage 4wd is to switch the hoses around. So Im trying to find out if anyone knows of a source other than the dealer or spector to get this part. I have been suggested to find one at a junkyard and grab the solenoids there for cheap but I have had no luck here in tennessee finding a junkyard with a cruiser. Spector and dealership wants hundreds for the part and even cruiserparts wants 150.00 plus 100.00 core charge. Seems a bit to pricey for this little piece. Any of you guys know where I should look to?? Thanks
1989 FJ62
Jul 21, 2003
Wilmington, NC
Let me know what you find out. I have a FJ62 and it does the same thing. I just get out and switch the hoses every time I want 4x4. It is a pain but it is cheaper than $150.

Jun 30, 2003
you people must be reading my minds... this is unreal! i am on the 3fe list and just posted... i need them as well... :D
Aug 29, 2003
I did the homemade fix on my 62 last year and it's worked perfectly for me. Here's the info I was working with:

Replacement of the expensive vacuum solenoid switch that is mounted on the firewall:

mac valve 35a-aaa-ddba-1ba valve 12 volt- qty 2 $34.00
arrow asp-1 exhaust muffler qty 2 $3.20
28-4-2 parker fitting qty 4 total 2.44

total for two valves assembly is $39.64
enough hose on truck but you want to get a little more.

the mac valves have 3 slots for the fittings
use teflon tape for a good seal
the exhaust fitting goes in the top numbered 3
install the parker fittings in the other two screw intakess
the lind from th manifold goes into fitting marked 1
on the mac valve.
the line from the transfer goes into fitting marked 2
cut the old wire leads off and connect the mac valve leads.
connect the vaccur lines.
for the mounting bracket i used a piece of alum. and formed a bracket.
these valves are industrial quality and should last a very long time.
to find valves go to

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