FJ62 Transmission

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Oct 2, 2019
Iowa City
Was going to get my transmission rebuilt, just to keep everything running smoothly. Is there anything you guys recommend as far as a rebuild kit, parts, things to do why your doing the transmission, etc? Always appreciate everyone's opinion on here. Cheers!
Trans rebuild as PM?
I believe @orangefj45 can hook you up with a long spline transfer input gear (to deal with the clunk/worn splines on transmission output shaft) and a transfer rebuild kit. As for rebuilding the transmission, my thought would be "dont break what isn't already broken".
Ha! Yeah, I have a pretty loud clunk when I put it into drive or reverse. I'm into fixing potential problems before they leave me stranded somewhere.

rebuild the transfer case and install 1 of georg's long gears,
the output shaft splines are most likely wearing
no need to rebuild the trans, just because.

but if rebuilding, get one of the Australian valve bodies
We have fully rebuilt A440F transmissions in stock along with HD torque converters, transfer case rebuild kits, long spline input gears ……
Happy to help.

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