FJ62 transmission fitting needed ,help

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Jun 25, 2021
New York
Hi to all. First of all , please forgive me if I don't have a clue what I am talking because I am just rephrasing what my mechanic has told me.

I was told the minor leak of the ATF comes from the transmission ( line) fitting, it should be in L shape.

can any one just point me to the correct resolution or correct part/size of the fitting if that is just some generic piece.

thank you from a newbie owner
I'll take a guess it could be one of these 2 fittings.

It may just need tightening or thread tape. Unusual place to leak I would have thought.
If it's leaking past the flare joint, often tightening it will do the trick, unless it's cross threaded. Mine has a o-ring on the temp sender, and that's easy to replace if that's where the leak is. The elbow is quite specific for the a440f AFAIK. May be no longer available. If it cant be fixed, you can try asking in the wanted section.
Good luck.

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