FJ62 Transfer input shaft oil seal

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Jun 30, 2017
I’m familiar with the FJ60 transmission & transfer case setup, not the FJ62. I know that the FJ62 transfer case is very similar to the one on the FJ60.

Can the FJ62 transfer case input shaft oil seal (the infamous seal that leaks oil between the transmission and transfer case) be replaced on the 62 while the transmission stays in place on the vehicle?
Can that seal be replaced by working under the truck and not lowering the monster down on a transmission jack?

And I guess another question is:
Has anyone just filled the 62 transfer case with ATF and just run it that way - adjusting oil levels occasionally by draining off the excess in the transfer and topping off the TMSN?
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It will leak out of the T case. Mine did at least if seal is not replaced.

Pretty sure trans can say in place.
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IIRCC the later seals were better than the earlier seal, very rare to have a 62 transfer lose oil into the auto

I've taken some transfers apart that had ATF in them
my guess is the ATF doesn't have the correct lube quality the older split cases need.

the trans can stay in the rig just fine, you do need to drain the auto first
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there is nothing different about doing this job with the auto vs manual transmission.

If working on the floor it would be worthwhile to put a jack under the transmission and remove the crossmember and lower the rear of the drivetrain a few inches to make getting to the upper bolts and shifter linkages a bit easier.

and just IMO it is MUCH easier to remove and reinstall a auto then the H42/h55 despite it being twice the size and weight. Way easier to line up two tiny dowels and then to have to get the input shaft of the manual transmission perfectly straight inline with the clutch and pilot bearing
My transfer case was puking ATF; two different PO receipts from a ‘cruiser specialist shop showed the output seal had been replaced multiple times - that PO paid for everything to be done and I think the shop in question just filled the tcase up with ATF to avoid having to do the input seal. It seemed fine when I tore it done to swap in an H55F but I didn’t reuse much of the transfer case internals.
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