FJ62 - "Thuck" sound when cold cranking

Oct 9, 2015
Truckee, CA
Hey folks! Just wanted to post about an "issue" I've had since owning my FJ62. In cooler weather whenever I start the car I hear a knocking "thuck thuck thuck" sound while cranking. It doesn't happen when the engine is warm and goes away as soon as the truck starts.

A bit of history about the engine. When I got the truck the head was cracked so I sourced another one from Deathvalleypaul here on Mud which he had rebuilt and shipped over. The engine itself runs great with awesome compression numbers for having 230k miles. (150-155 psi on cylinders). I'm inclined to think that the motor isn't the problem but I don't know. I know my starter isn't in the best shape as you hear it for a sec after you release the ignition and my local mechanic confirmed it'll probably go soon.

I guess my question is, could the starter be making that sound? I just wanted to pick your brains to see if this is common or something obvious. I do plan on changing the starter anyway because I don't want to get stranded but thought I'd post here first.

When I have time my plan is to pull the ignition wire and get under the truck but I'll need the help of a buddy to do that and I live alone.


Jun 30, 2017
I guess my question is, could the starter be making that sound?

Noted noise happens when cranking cold and goes away when engine runs = starter is suspicious.

It’s probably the original starter and they don’t last forever, though they can last 30 years.
Replacing a starter is very easy. At this point- 30 years old, I’d replace it now even if it wasn’t acting up. With the 62, you can’t bump start it, so if the starter goes out, vehicle is stuck.
Maybe it’ll happen in your driveway or maybe far away from home at night when it’s raining.

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