Wanted FJ62 third member

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Feb 5, 2003
Oshkosh, WI
Decent condition preferred but for the right price I'll rebuild it. I want to do some longer trips and would like a spare. Entire rear axle assembly would be considered. 4.1 gears required. I can have picked up or will pay shipping if needed. I'm in Eastern WI.
If you are willing to rebuild it you could also get a cheap 3.73 diff and add your own 4.11 gears... or even get a (typlcally cheaper) FJ40 4.11 diff and put on a compatible pinion flange...
I'll rebuild it, no sweat but I'd like to avoid the couple hundred bucks of buying new 4.1. If other stuff will fit by all means offer it. I just don't know what pinion flange I would have to adapt. I don't speak cruiser fluently enough to know what I can adapt.
Cruiser Outfitters carries flanges to convert diffs to match driveshafts...

I have a couple of FJ40 4.11 diffs for sale but shipping them seems silly... you can probably find one more local to you than NY.
Ok, I'll email Kurt. In that case Woody might have one in his garage. That would be a done deal.

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