FJ62 Test drive(s) in North Georgia

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May 20, 2011
North Georgia

1. I like the way my stock FJ62 drives, rides, and "handles" right now.
2. I want to make it taller.
3. I don't want to spend time effort and money to end up with something I like less.
4. I Would like to drive a stockish FJ62 on 31" tires, and 33" tires with quality lift to see how each feels.

I would like to tow my homebrew expo trailer with my FJ62, but the difference in hitch height between the FJ62 and my TJ (approximately 7") would put the trailer severely nose down when behind the cruiser. I am considering reworking the trailer's suspension (-2") and dropping tire size (-1.5" [from 33" to 30"]) and using a draw bar w/ more drop when towing w/the jeep. Doing this would help, but there would still be a significant rake to address, hence the desire to test drive a 62 on 31" tires or properly modded (I know this is a can of worms) 62 on 33" tires. Before I spend time money and effort changing my truck for this, I want to make sure I have some idea of what the finished product will be like. I am in North Georgia, but would gladly invest a few hours drive time to gain some insight on this.
Maybe you should also consider the 235x85x16. They equate to 32 in , I think they are about perfect. I have them on my troopy which is about the same weight and length as a 6* series
I found the 31in ok in the city but not so good on long runs because they raised the rpms
The 33 made the brakes work a little harder and slowed the acceleration a little. Not bad at hwy speeds though.
Drop over any time:D

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