Wanted FJ62 Tail light wiring

Aug 2, 2015
Hollywood FL
I am looking for some FJ62 wiring, I am at the tail end of a 3FE swap on my 60 and realized that the 60 harness does not have the same connections in the 62 harness to run anything lighting or electronic wise such as the wiper, in the rear. Seems like my option is to source this part of the 62 harness or have to cut my 60 harness and splice it into the 62 cowl. I prefer not to cut the harness I have at this time.

The part I am looking for is the wiring harness that plugs in by the drivers foot kick or bottom of the dash, then runs down the drivers side floor over the rear wheel well back to the tail light. I would be a huge plus if you had the fuel sending / fuel pump harness that branches out and the taillight harness too.


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