FJ62 suspension install woes

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Jul 12, 2011
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
I've taken the ancient stock leaf springs out and I'm installing a set of used Tuff Country (discontinued) 3 inch springs all around. I'm currently on the front axle. I'm doing one side at a time, not sure if this is a great way to do it.

This is where I'm having trouble - I attach (in this order) the pin, shackle, and now I'm on to the perch/u bolts. I tightened them down a bit, then noticed the centre bolt on the leaf spring doesn't align with the spring perch hole for it. My shackle is pointing backwards, which I know isn't right either. If I disconnect my shackle, then try the U bolts, should everything align?

Thanks, this site has really been a great help
loosen the other side u-bolts an put a jack under the spring ur fittin that the way i have fitted springs

This. And ratchet straps for small adjustments.
Once you put the new spring in, the pin and axle perch could be off by 2 axis, ie. forward and wide.. You can use a ratch strap to move the axle forward or back, jack up the spring to make the pin move forward and back, and you can jack up the opposite side of the axle to move the axle perch slightly wider or narrower... Keep all bolts loose on both sides of the axle... Only tighten all bolts when both sides of the leaf pins are in the axle..

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