Fj62 Speedometer Cable Question

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Mar 7, 2008
sunset, Louisiana
will a speedo cable specific for a RHD fit our LHD landcruiser? i am looking at one on ebay and it very cheap. i messaged the owner and he said that people buy from france and the USA and that they dont have problems for their LHD. just wanted to know b4 i bought it? thanx fella's-Cody
Look on SOR's website and see if there is a different part number for the LHD and RHD cables. Call your dealership and see if they can look up same info in the parts system.

If there are 2 different numbers, it's probably a different length.

I'd guess it is a different length, since the hookup on the t-case side is the same on either truck, therefore the length is probaly different.

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