Wanted fj62 rear aftermarket bumper (1 Viewer)

Nov 20, 2007
Greenville, SC
Looking for an older IPOR metal bumper or any other aftermarket metal bumpers (with swing outs if possible). Located in Upstate SC.

Mar 13, 2011
Madison Heights, VA/Gap Mills, WV
i know a long shot, but still looking
Hello I sent you a rough quote www.padgettfabrication.com

I have not built anything for the FJ62 specifically, but I have specialized in Rear Toyota bumpers for over a decade including swingout tire carriers, roofracks, sliders, etc, and I will build just about anything you need. If you can get me some dimensions or even draw and trial-it brackets we can speed this along. If you ever come up this way, I can get all the information I need and build the basic bumper on a weekend, and I have a Deal for you. If youallow me to use your truck to develop a new line of my bumpers I Can build your bumper at a substantial discount. That is ASSUMING your frame and the rear end of your vehicle is in Stock and unaltered Thanks Again. Spread the word.

AI also kick back $50 to each paying customer you send my way who buys a complete bumper. Want to participate in this promotion, give me your adress and I will send you some business cards coded so you get the credit.
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