fj62 pics, please help

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May 12, 2008
Raleigh NC
I know 7k is too much but I've spoken to the seller a few times... I think 5.5k or 6k takes it. It's on ebay right now, red 89 w/ 172k. Very clean interior and exterior. I asked him to take more pics, he put the truck on a lift and sent the following:
Picasa Web Albums - Melissa - Drop Box

Here's the ebay listing also:
Toyota : Land Cruiser:eBay Motors (item 110387603895 end time May-18-09 12:05:28 PDT)

I'm not a mechanic, so those pics don't mean sh%t to me. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
Nice looking truck, and I like the color (is red stock?), but I'd say even $4600 is too much. Fairly grungy underneath, some seeping from what looks to be the rear main seal. Those are stock, not premium, wheels, as we know. My advice would be to check it out before buying, as there still seem to be lots of other good ones around. As I've written before, I sold mine, with around the same mileage, for $3400, and it was mechanically perfect, but with one or two cosmetic issues. But, then again, maybe I was stupid? And finally, what is a good price? If you're happy with it, then it's a good price. My $.02 Good luck, :cheers:Ned
I was able to get mine for $3,200 in Feb. But I was looking for a while. From the pictures, my truck looks to be in about the same condition, but my interior may be a little bit rougher.

If you think it is a fair price then it is.
I look on craigslist, Ebay, autotrader and everyday. Everything in the 3k to 4k price range looks pretty bad. Where are you guys finding these things in good rust free condition for that price?
I picked mine up localy in Helena.
The guy selling it is making money on the deal, but that is what he does.

The truck looks really good and he knows it.....

he prob paid 2-3 for it and has been using it for a couple months.

Now it is time to make a buck and drive something else.

Did I mention how good looking that thing is.....
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Remember, that if you're not going to do any mechanical work yourself -replacing seals and such- it can get very expensive quickly. Looks like a straight rig which is always a great start. I like the color too.;)
Is their any maintenance history available? You definitely should not buy sight unseen, and without driving it.
You definitely should not buy sight unseen, and without driving it.


The wagon definitely needs a knuckle rebuild and by the looks of the knuckle it has been neglected for a long time...

As previously stated, the rear main seal is leaking and by the looks of the splatter it has been neglected a long time as well...

The PO also rigged up Serius radio and drilled holes through the dash... replacements can be had to fix the dash but who knows what other electric work was done.

You need to see this vehicle in person, drive it, etc... who knows what else is lingering.
I can't drive it first, it's 10 hours away. Should I just wait for a well respected mudder to sell me his? I live in northern virginia, everything up here is a rust bucket. How much would a knuckle rebuild cost at a reputable shop?
I like how all of the driver's seat isn't shown in the picture. Bet you dollars to doughnuts that it has that infamous rip on the side.
i know where a 60 (probally an importable bj60 with a 4 cylinder diesel) in canada it is in southern B.C. if you are interested i will have a run through it next week. It looks to be in good shape, didnt catch the price but it caught my eye as i drove past it.

either way, take your time, something decent will fall in your lap eventually. What are your long term plans for your 60 series to be? An expedition rig, a well restored reliable stockish vehicle, rockcrawler, trail rig etc.? And how much money are you willing to invest into it in the long term?
saw that rig on autotrader, he wants 10k. The gray is my least favorite color. I don't too much wheelin, lots of fishing. My kayak will be on top of it most of the time. Sold my 80 to get a 60/62, I prefer the vintage look. I'd like to spend 5k on the rig, then baseline.
you nailed down what I'd like to do with the truck Cody "a well restored reliable stockish vehicle" perfect...
How much would a knuckle rebuild cost at a reputable shop?

Maybe 1K. The red one may be almost what you're looking for-a restored, stockish reliable vehicle-or it may be a 62 that will need brakes, exhaust, radiator, etc. in the not too distant future. That's why a maintenance history would be helpful to determine value. The auto transmissions, especially if neglected, will eventually fail and are expensive to rebuild or replace. It'd be great if you could test drive it to get an idea of how the transmission is working, along with an idea of the engine performance and steering component integrity. If that's not possible and you're still interested, perhaps you could solicit the help of a fellow Mud member in that area, or hire a mechanic to check it out.
Good catch on the knuckles BG!

I would keep looking for something local. BUT if you have a mudder go check it out then... hey it's your money! Ultimately if you are happy with it - it's well spent. But i'd definitely make sure you aren't broke buying it and then don't have any extra $ to do some fixes.

No matter what - great to see another 6x driver on the road! In whatever you eventually find.


any mudders in jasper alabama?

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