Fj62 no heat

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Aug 8, 2013
As it gets a little colder here in NC. I turned my heat on for the first time since I bought my Cruiser ( I have only had in 3-4 months). It don't seem to get hot like heat should be. I just fixed the radiator and flushed it with new coolant. At normal operating Temp. The heat doesn't seem to be warm(Hot) like it should be. The rear heat is a little warmer than the front. What could the problem be and how hard to fix it? Thanks for any help.
You could have an air bubble in the system, not good. It can also not tell you on the temp guage if the air bubble is around the sender. Also water pumps don't pump air. Check your coolant level, run the truck with the heat on. You should be able to feel the upper hose get hot as the t-stat opens and heat should come out of the vents. When you fill the system you must do it very slowly.
Could it be the thermostat not opening?
Would result in overrating engine as well.
I was thinking maybe the valve on the firewall not opening properly, also X2 on plugged core
could be a number of things... are the two heater hoses hot to the touch that feed the heater core after engine is warmed up?

likley its the thermostat.... change it and the related gasket and rubber washer.

check heater control valve at firewall to make sure it works.
Engine not overheating but when its hot out and I drive till it gets to normal operating temp and shot the motor off I have hear the motor gargle like its burping. The motor has never over heated. I will check the coolent levels and other things and see what happens thanks
gurgle a sign of air pockets in the cooling system or at least it can be.

if you were to check the two heater hoses in question you might determine that if one side is hot and the other is cold...heater core is blocked/restricted.

If you don't know the history or know when or if the thermostat has been changed....thats an obvious first logical step.
I replaced my Thermostat today. I got heat now. The old thermostat was original and was stuck open. and wouldn't allow it to get hot. The heat will roast you out. Thanks guys for the help.

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