FJ62 Neutral safety switch confusion (1 Viewer)

Jun 28, 2007
Sunshine Coast Queensland, Australia
hello I'm changing the manual gearbox in my cruiser to a salvaged 1988 A440 automatic transmission and have struck a minor problem with the plug configuration of the Neutral Safety Switch (NSS). which could have been easily avoided if I had thought of getting both halves of the plugs, a rookie root up . Anyway on my box there are two plugs, (pictured below), exiting the NSS, a large blue plug and a small white one and my question relates to the blue plug (starter motor isolation ) which has 3 wires attached, a black, a white, and another tiny black one which is for the back up lites. My understanding is that power runs from the ignition via a Black with White stripe wire (B/W) to the Blue plug, then circulates through the NSS then back to the Blue plug and continues via a Black with Red stripe wire (B/R) to the starter motor. Would any one know which color, black or white, accepts the B/W wire from the ignition? or conversely which color, black or white connects to the B/R going to the starter? I have 2 non genuine manuals on the 60 series cruisers neither show plug configuration. Multi Meter testing shows the NSS works both ways however why would Toyota have a black and white wire differentiation and I would like to get it factory. thankyou Can anyone help

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