FJ62 Master Power Window Switch Repair

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Apr 25, 2009
Hello all,

My first post, I've found your posts really helpful, so I thought I'd contribute with a little fix of my own.

My power windows were not working and I identified the retaining screw sockets as the culprits, they had become brittle and cracked and the screws were just not doing their job holding the contact plate against the toggle switches.

The toggle switch surround had also cracked, and I needed to reinforce it.

I removed the contact plate, drilled right through the surround so I could get a longer screw in through the front, and put a nut on the back of the contact plate assembly to hold it in place firmly against the toggle switches.

USA master switch assembly will be a mirror image of mine, I'm in Australia and have the right hand drive version, but I'm sure the same fix would apply.

Tip - remove a little material from the surround where the screw heads will locate, or they will push against the side and break off more plastic which will interfer with the operation of the toggle switches.

When I was drilling, due to the brittleness of the old plastic, I did cause a little more damage and cracks to the toggle switch surround, but not so much that I was not able to get it all back together again, working just fine.

The window lock switch now makes a reassuring "click" when changing its position, it was very sloppy before.

Hope this is of some use.

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More pics

I also used an epoxy putty to reinforce the toggle switch surround as well as build up an area where there was not enough material to put a screw through where the door open close switch goes.
more pics

Sorry about the fragmented post, pic limit handbrake...I have more but can't seem to upload them.
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