FJ62 LS/NV4500 swap

Nov 30, 2016
Vacaville, CA
I’m still sourcing parts for my 88 FJ62 drivetrain swap.

So far, the build plan will be:
5.3 LM7
Chevy NV4500 (‘95 GM, still needs full rebuild and top shift cover)
Toyota split case with 4:1 gears

I bought the wrong clutch bucket (I have the early version, so the firewall and master cylinder pattern doesn’t match)

My question is regarding modifying the current clutch bucket, versus using something like this Wilwood pedal assembly.

Should I cut the spot welds on the early version and weld it into my FJ62 bucket, or should I try and get a Wilwood pedal and mount directly to firewall and not use Toyota parts for this?

Anyone have experience with these pedals, or using another way to correctly mount a clutch pedal?

AlsoX huge shout out to @cruisermatt who has helped answer a number of questions for this project, but I just stumbled on these Wilwood pedals and thought I’d ask the group.

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