FJ62 Loose steering

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Feb 9, 2006
New owner here of an '89 FJ62 (new to Land Cruisers, in general) with loose-on-center steering. Any easy/quick fix to this problem on these vehicles? If not, what's the best approach? Many questions to come, I'm sure. Thanks. Rich
It could be a number of things. Factory spec for "play" in steering wheel is 1.5". But, that can mask play in a bunch of other areas. You can have wear (and thus play) in the steering shaft, drag links, tie-rod ends, wheel bearings, shocks, spring bushings, steering box, ummm, that's probably it.

Here's some info for starters:

Do you have a FSM - field service manual? If not, gotta buy one. Search to find out how.
This thread has some good info on specs and how to adjust.

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