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Oct 29, 2008
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I'm getting sick of searching and reading non-relevant threads. I will soon be installing my Daniel Stern head light upgrades, but before I do, I want to move the wiring mess off of the battery positive terminal to a bus bar I will be locating behind the air filter canister (easy to do with the fender off.)

So my question is, how many fusible links are there for the fj62? Is there just the one to the alternator (big white wire that connects to the short black wire right before the battery terminal), or are those other two connectors (one connector with three green wires, and one connector with just one red wire) also fusible links?

EDIT: So I had to answer my own question on this one. (I hate it when that happens. :D) I went down to the dealer and bought a new fusible link. It was only $14 and is indeed 5 fusible links altogether. All that mess hanging off the + battery terminal is called the fusible link. The new one comes with connectors and all.
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