FJ62 H55F Swap somebody please help...

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Jul 13, 2016
Hey everybody!

I am a new member here and a proud new owner of a 1988 FJ62. I will post pictures as soon as I can. So my issue is that i brought it in to a local trans shop to get some leaks fixed as well as see why it is shifting so hard. Turns out the transfer case has some issues as well as the transmission. But i figured since it is out and the repairs are going to cost somewhere around $2500 I would look into an H55F swap. So my question is where can I find one with a T-case along with all the additional parts. I am sure this has been discussed somewhere but I am unable to find it. By the was this is an amazing resource for cruiser owners, how cool!

Thank you to everyone in advance,
I doubt you can buy a factory H55 + tcase as one unit. Just buy a good used one and have it rebuilt. If you like a manual transmission you'll like the H55.
Keep your eyes peeled in the classifieds here on MUD... They go super fast. I think you can buy a brand new H55F for about $2500 minus the transfer case, but don't quote me on that.

You probably know, but you can also limit Google searches to specific sites by following your search term with "site:". For example, enter into Google:


Good luck!
Contact Beno to know availability of H55F brand new from Mr. T to your door .. you can keep your t-case and rebuild it .. among other MUD vendors will have a complete rebuild kit for your t-case ..

other bits ( which are plenty ) might not be that easy to get and will pile some extra bucks .. pedal, pedal bucket, clutch slave, clutch master, flywheel, PP, disc etc ..
I think you can get a H55F and Mated Case from Spector Off Road if memory serves me. I don't recall if they we're used or rebuilt.
Swapping Transmissions isn't rocket science but there's a lot more to it in parts and labor, than you might think. If your doing all the work yourself you may be able to get it done for around $3,500 to $4,000 in Parts Only. If you let a shop do it could be upwards of $6,000 parts & labor. The parts aren't cheap and it's pretty labor intensive. If your in it for the long haul in my opinion the H55F is the way to go.
Or Get the HD A440F and a Transmission Cooler From Rodney which is pretty much plug and play. Either way you'd be good to go for many moons.
...Or Get the HD A440F and a Transmission Cooler From Rodney which is pretty much plug and play. Either way you'd be good to go for many moons.

Sorry, what is the "HD" option? Out of curiosity, what does a new A440F run these days?
@DoubleNickels, If I remember correctly folks referred to Rodney's Transmissions as "Heavy Duty" Rebuilt with slightly better internals and the re-worked Valve Bodies. I have no Idea how much a brand new A440F cost's last I remember they were $3,500 or so but that was years ago. Matter of fact I don't know if there even still available. Might want to check with the all mighty parts guru @beno.
Cool, will do. I'm mostly just curious. Or preparatory, rather. I drive an 89 FJ62 that will eventually need some transmission attention. It's running great for now, but at 220,000 miles I'm realizing the transmission will someday start to fail.

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