FJ62 Fuel Dampner 23270 leaked, then stopped... what next ?

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1988 FJ62
Apr 29, 2010
Hello, I went wheeling with my FJ62 and I was smelling gas... I looked under the hood and saw the fuel Dampner at the back of the fuel rail, part 23270 sprinkling gas around the fuel rail. It was like a mini sprinkler... I turned the motor off and use a rag to clean the dampner, so, I could see better where the gas was squirting out. It felt solid and it did not seem like the connection was leaking, but, maybe the dampner itself... When I started the Truck again, the next morning, no leak. I stopped wheeling and drove the truck home for 150 miles... No leak... I am not sure what to do... Has anyone ever seen this kind of intermittent leak on this part? I think I should change the part anyway... It seems hard to get to, needing a big wrench to remove it. My guess is that the intake manifold has to come off first... I would appreciate any feedback on this. Thanks... :bang:

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