For Sale FJ62 & FJ60, Both Rust Free California cars!

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A little background. I purchased my FJ62 just over 10 years ago and it was my daily driver up until recently. When I purchased it, I had always had in the back of my mind to do a LS/4L60 conversion. I enjoyed my Landcruiser so much I purchased a FJ60 to drive while doing said conversion.
Then life decided to throw a wrench into my plans. I begin having some medical issues and with that came medical bills which postponed a lot of projects including my LS conversion. My situation is now being permanently confined to a power wheelchair. As attached to my Landcruisers as I am, the reality is that I will no longer be able to drive or enjoy them the way I would like. So, I find myself having to sell them and hope that the persons purchasing them will be as passionate and enthusiastic to be able to enjoy them as much as I have. My goal here is to present an accurate and honest representation of my Landcruisers.
Attached are a couple photos of the Landcruisers, as well as a few details. I will try to post an ad for each Land Cruiser individually with more photographs soon. If you are interested or have any questions, please feel free to call me directly.


Thank you for taking the time to read my post,


1985 Fj60 $23,000
1989 Fj62 $25,500

My 1985 FJ60 Cruiser has original paint in Stardust Silver over gray cloth interior. Is powered by a 4.2 2F engine with a 4-speed manual transmission and dual-range transfer case. This Cruiser has spent it's entire life in California and is a rust free. It has 242kmiles.

I purchased this from the original owner and have an enormous amount of documentation from day one. Including the original purchase order/sales invoice/receipt. I also have the original title from 1985. And yes, it is actually a pink slip… Features front bucket seats, rear window defroster, air conditioning, power steering, dual heaters (Front & Rear), headlight washers, class III/IV trailer hitch, this cruiser retains all the original OEM California certified smog equipment.A couple things worth noting about this FJ60. Although it is an incredibly solid rig, it does have a few shortcomings. First off one of the wing windows is broken but on a good note, I have a replacement window and seal. The windshield has a horizontal crack that goes about 2/3 away across the windshield. The air conditioner when last checked appeared to work, but didn’t get very cold. The clearcoat on the paint has seen better days. And the driver side seat cushion is worn pretty well on the left-hand side. The front bumper on the driver side is bent but did not impact the fender. It appears to have a small leak from the valve cover. It’ll smoke a bit when I first started up and warming up after sitting for a while. It goes away once it’s been driven. I have a new Toyota valve cover gasket I have yet to install. It also seems to be running a bit rich, may need to just be driven for a while, or a minor carburetor adjustment. In any case I have a rebuild kit for the carburetor, but never got around to doing it. And of course it’s included with the sale. The body is remarkably straight. I only found two tiny dings about the size of a BB's. There is also a scrape on the lower right quarter panel. I ftime permits, I'll be rebuilding the carburetor and replacing the valve cover gasket.

I have a clean title in my name and a clean Carfax report dated 10/5/22.

My 1989 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62 is powered by a 4.0L 3F-E inline-six linked with a four-speed automatic transmission and a two-speed transfer case. This is a rust free original California car. it retains all of the OEM California smog emissions equipment. Original paint is Freeborn Red over gray cloth upholstery and is equipped with 15″ polished aluminum wheels with 33"x12.5"x15" Goodyear Wrangler All-Terrain tires, AM/FM CD Player with USB port stereo, Cobra 29 CB radio, K-40 CB antenna. PA speaker, front bucket seats, folding rear bench, center console, rear window defroster, power windows, power mirrors, power door locks, air conditioning, rear heater, optional large power side mirrors, and class III/IV trailer hitch. There is just under 236k miles.

A couple of details about the FJ62. air conditioning appears to work and be cool but not cold. It’s got a few dents, but nothing significant. The rear bumper has a slight twist on the passenger side. The knuckles have a slight ooze and probably need new seals. Like most original Landcruisers of the era, the driver side seat on the left side cushion is worn.

This FJ62 has a clean California title in my name as well as a clean and current Carfax report dated 10/5/22.



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Dec 10, 2009
Interested but what's going on with the windshield wipers?
Why are they off both cruisers?
Thanks John
Aug 9, 2012
The wipers and arms were removed to install new blades. New blades are now installed.


Upgrades are coming.
Oct 5, 2015
Springfield, OH
@PanX which of these 2 rigs would you consider to be the most mechanically sound with less things to fix overall? Not considering the paint
Aug 9, 2012
so when you don't post a price you run your add for 6 plus months of answering questions . gee I wonder if there is another way ? again looking for deals not friends
Don't know if you saw this or not.

"I will try to post an ad for each Land Cruiser individually with more photographs soon...."

For Sale - 1989 FJ62 Rust Free in N. California -

For Sale - 1985 FJ60 Rust Free in N. California -

I didn't have the pricing in the original post because at that time I wasn't sure what my asking price was going to be. The original post was there to simply provide potential buyers a heads-up that I would be posting separate ads for each Cruiser in the near future. Which I did, and those ads do have pricing. I haven’t been actively trying to sell them for several months because I have other things going on and I am having them gone through and serviced. Which should be finished soon. I would have temporarily removed all three postings, but that is not an option here on the forum… or at least one I haven’t figured out yet.

My apologies for any confusion this may have caused you.

Thank you kindly, Dave

PS; I will edit this posting with the current pricing.
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