FJ62 Door Lock Jamming/Dead

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Jun 7, 2005
Los Angeles
My '90 FJ62's passenger side rear door lock is not working at all. I've gotten used to using the keyless entry/alarm system installed by PO, so I'm nervous that I'm going to forget to check the lock and come back to find my car looted...

I've heard that the passenger rear lock is the last in the circuit/furthest away from the actuator switch, and is often the lock that has trouble.

Any advice on fixing it...

Before you do anything else, try this- push the outside door handle down towards the door. If the outside door handle is not returning to it original position via spring (not lubricated or rusty), it will not unlock or lock your door.

I have experienced this with my doors.
Mine had the same came on gradually with the occaisional no lockie down. Progressed to the full time no lockie down...easy fix. Take the door pull/handle off (2 screws), take the escutchen off of the chrome lever pull (1 screw), run the window all the way down, then take the door panel off. Start at the bottom corners and gently pop it off at each location where there is one of those little plastic push clippy things. Spread the load around them using a modified Mr. Spock "V" grip to minimize the chance of just pulling them out of the fiber board stuff. Working from the bottom up to the top, once you have them popped, lift it up to release it from the top lip of the door skin. Pull off the plastic vapor barrier get in there and squirt WD 40 on the locking mechanisms and linkages. Do not get too crazy with the spray lube, as you do not want to get it down at the base of the window wherein it rests in the channel with a rubber me. Go over and click the locking switch up and down a few times and she should work smooth as silk. Well mine did anyway.

It is really pretty simple....probably took me longer to write this than it does to effect the repair. But I have popped quite a few door panels over the years.

Good luck.

I figured it was something pretty simple like that. I have some time to do it on Friday. I'll post back and let you know.
So...I finally had time today to work on this today.

Pulled the door panel and everything is nice and clean and moving smoothly...

Electrical? Pulled the driver door panel to inspect the master switch--clean as well.

So, I'm thinking the problem has to do with the aftermarket alarm/keyless entry system installed by PO. Not enough juice reaching the actuator to make it push/pull. My mechanic thinks the same and suggested it has to do with the current being affected by cheap plastic crimps/splices etc...

Anyone had any experience with a similar situation?
So, she works just fine from the drivers master switch and everything nice and clean and lubed up. At this point I am with you mechanic on this one. Check the connections where that after market POS is wired in. Check wire sizes and if they used those stupid a$$ piggie back splice crimper thingies. I hate those POS things.
...and the moral is...

Don't rule out the simplest thing.

So, after driving myself batty trying to figure the damn power locks... I determined it was a bad Optima Battery. Go figure.

The upside though, is that the battery was under warranty and the shop in Culver City replaced it on the spot.

Thanks for your help Slater.
I don't know as I really helped or not...well at least you've popped the door panel and are familiar with the inner workings now...which is always a good thing, so I guess it wasn't a total loss.

So now I'm wondering the easy trouble shoot for this ailment in the future ???? Could you fire it up with a spare set o'keys so it's being juiced by the alternator and then operate the locks with the remote ?

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